Q: What is the difference between ProZenity vs digestive types of probiotics?

A: Many popular probiotics are formulated with common bacteria strains that are known to support digestive health. However, these strains do not have clinical research to support any mood or cognitive benefits. ProZenity™ uses functionally targeted strains of probiotics that have been clinically studied to alleviate both physiological and psychological signs of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, ProZenity includes Lactium® a proprietary all-natural bioactive milk peptide that acts upon GABA receptors, reducing blood cortisol levels. It also includes Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea which has been shown to reduce stress, increase alpha wave production and lower anxiety.


Q: Are there clinical studies on ProZenity

A: ProZenity is a unique and proprietary product that supports mood and emotional wellbeing. ProZenity is the first psychobiotic, or probiotic to support emotional wellbeing. It utilizes novel clinically studied strains of probiotics in combination with other natural bioactive ingredients, Lactium® and Theanine. The probiotic strains used in ProZenity™ have been subject to several clinical studies demonstrating its ability to alleviate both physiological and psychological signs of stress and anxiety. The effectiveness of Lactium® has been the subject of 7 rigorous clinical studies showing it reduces blood cortisol levels. And Theanine has a long history, subject to hundreds of clinical studies.


Q: Is it shelf-stable, or does it need refrigeration?

A: ProZenity is shelf stable and effective for at least 2 years under normal conditions.


Q: Can I take ProZenity with other supplements?

A: Yes, ProZenity can be taken with other nutritional supplements and should not interfere with or complicate any supplement or medicine unless your healthcare professional suggests otherwise.


Q: Is ProZenity gluten-free, lactose/dairy-free, or vegetarian?

A: ProZenity is gluten-free but is not vegetarian. The capsules are made from gelatin which is derived from animal. The probiotic cultures and the Lactium® used in ProZenity are derived from milk peptide.


Q: How long do I need to take ProZenity to see results?

A: ProZenity works relatively quickly. With daily intake you should start to feel a difference within 10 days. As the probiotics in ProZenity begin to populate your gut, the signaling to your brain will begin to rebalance.


Q: How does ProZenity work?

A: Neurotransmitters produced in the brain control feelings and emotions. For example, the neurotransmitter serotonin contributes to feelings of happiness and also helps control your body clock. Interestingly, many of these neurotransmitters are also produced by your gut cells and the trillions of microbes living there. A large proportion of serotonin is produced in the gut. Your gut microbes also produce GABA, a neurotransmitter which helps control feelings of fear and anxiety.

The majority of physiological activity is initiated in the gut, where signals are sent to the brain via the vagus nerve. Bidirectional interactions within the brain-gut-microbiome axis are key as gut microbes communicate to the central nervous system through at least 3 parallel and interacting channels involving nervous, endocrine, and immune signaling mechanisms. ProZenity replenishes specific probiotics that can alleviate both physiological and psychological signs of stress and anxiety.


Q: What is the guaranteed potency of this product?

A: Many common probiotics require a minimum number of bacteria to be effective. They typically claim a specific “CFU”, or colony forming unit, as a measurement of effectiveness. ProZenity is effective at the dosage recommended and does not rely on CFU to provide the benefits.